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Phavorite Fotographers

There’s a short list of photographers that I religiously follow. I’ve chosen these photographers mainly because their work has inspired me in different ways, and I felt a connection every time I see their pictures. I see these people as mentors. I’ve even challenged myself to imitate their styles just to see if I could pull it off, while still adding my own touch to it, of course. 

So here’s my list of favorites, in the order of how impactful their work is for me:

  1. Van Styles
  2. Lindsay Adler
  3. Brooke Shaden
  4. Steve Bitanga
  5. Sugar LA

(flickr & website)

Progress Report:

  • Charmaine Wedding - Lightroom retouching on camera 1
  • Sunrise Coffee - about to enter retouching phase, need to submit first set this by week
  • Diana Fung - scheduled for 3/20
  • Lindsay Irrthum - scheduled for 3/23, still waiting on concept ideas
  • Hakkasan Party - complete and submitted
  • Business cards - complete

Upcoming Projects

  • Charmaine Hank Wedding
  • Sunrise Coffee (in progress)
  • Lindsay Irrthum
  • Uraina Serna pt.II
  • Business cards 
  • Diana Fung

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